DC Finance builds an international network of  high net worth individuals, family offices, and investors for mutual growth and support through first tier events worldwide.


The firm is active in the US, UK and Israel and is the publisher of Family Wealth magazine.





Our New Website Coming Soon
Please note this website is no longer active. you can still enjoy some information at the conferences' cubes below but that's about it. On August 1st you are welcome to enjoy our new website at dc-finance.com that is still under construction.
Our Tel Aviv High Net Worth Meeting for 150 Family Members & Family Offices
DC Finance's London Family Office & Wealth Management Conference
The High Tech & Innovation Family Office NYC Conference
The Real Estate New York Family Office Investment Conference
Our Closed By Invitation Only HNWI Family Meetings in Israel

The 24th Eilat Institutional Investment Conference

Our Pre Art Basel Florida Family Office Conference and Luxury Art Events Week

Our Flagship Family Office & High Net Worth Individuals Conference

Israel's Family Office & Wealth Management conference Is one of the world's largest events in this HNW space with over 500 families attending
Family Wealth reaches 18000 high net worth households Annually
Over 400 $Billion under management at  Israel's largest Institutional Investment event

Israel's largest Corporate Finance Conference with over 400 of Israel's top CFOs 

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